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Last night I saw the highly rated Steven Soderbergh drama, Contagion. A film with a superstar cast, well renowned director and some high expectations to live up to, for me anyway.

The film is based around a deadly disease that has a very high reproductive rate, that sees a lot of people die. The CDC contract some well accomplished doctors to try and deal with the disease and find a vaccine before too many people catch the highly contagious disease and face the consequences. Put bluntly.

Now, personally I'm not one for dramas as they are not entertaining. And some would say "but Buzz this isn't a's a thriller!!!", which I can kind of agree with, but even on a thriller POV, this just wasn't that amazing. If you're reading this for a quick 'Should I go or not?' reason then my answer would be, go...if you like drama movies or if you're studying film at college or university.

Anyway into the actual review, let's get some positives out there. The soundtrack by Cliff Martinez is excellent. I think it was hard not to notice it since there were a lot of scenes throughout the film with no dialogue and all you could hear was the soundtrack. It was an edgy, dark and sharp soundtrack that reminded me of a lot of 'The Social Network' score, which by the way, won an Oscar (deservedly of course)!

Next was the cinematography done by Steven Soderbergh himself. He made you worry a lot about the spread of the disease through close ups of things being touched, blurred shots to give this feeling of uncertainty, used filters (such as a blue filter and a yellow filter) to give the film a lot of feeling without much needing to be said. He was practically speaking with the camera and I've no doubt others thought this of the movie!

The performances by all of the main characters were also very good. I read in Empire Magazine that they thought that Jude Law let the film down, which is a valid opinion...but in my opinion, Jude Law stole the show! Yes his Australian accent was pretty poor, but that's all I could possibly criticise him for. His character is one that I think many wouldn't like, which is fair enough since he's a blogger (which is apparently "Graffiti with punctuality"), who's happy to worry people, and make money out of them just to get his name out there. But nevertheless I felt his performance was very solid and entertaining to watch since he was this rebellious character similar to The Joker in the way that you liked the fact that he was going against the norm.

Other A-listers such as Matt Damon and Marion Cotillard had good performances, but that's all really...just good. They lacked emotion at times and I thought they were a bit cold shelled. Gwneth Paltrow had a short but fundamental role in the film, and played her part very well.

Other actors such as Lawrence Fishburne and Kate Winslet were the other 2 well known actors and they both played important parts. I think that both characters were quite well developed and were positive, hopeful characters to follow.

The plot although on the face of it seems, simple, was made complicated through all the different little story lines. I didn't like this because it felt like as soon as you got into one story it'd switch and when you got back to it, you kind of forgot a few small details about it.

Overall I thought that the film was excellent. A brilliant drama with very few faults. But I don't think that the movie will be for everyone as the it is portrayed to the public as something it really isn't. We are told this is a thriller, but in my opinion, like I have said before, it's actually an excellent drama.

So for those looking for a fantastic thriller, be warned it's not. But if you love your dramas, do not miss this Soderbergh picture.

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